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9 Tips to Take Care of your Leather Products

Leather is a sustainable and durable material that can be easily taken care of. Here are 9 tips to preserve your favorite leather products!

  1. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time as well as extreme heat
  2. Avoid sharp objects near you leather goods
  3. Avoid chemical solutions containing solvents and alcohol on your leather goods 
  4. To clean a leather product, use a damp cloth moistened with clean water
  5. Cleaning in a circular fashion without too much much pression is the right way to do it
  6. Avoid soaking leather but if it does become wet, allow it to dry naturally
  7. If you are going to use a new cleaner or product of your leather, use it first on an unseen small area before applying everywhere
  8. Use only professional leather care products
  9. Different types of leathers need different conditioning and cleaning solutions (suede, chromed tanned and vegetable tanned leather have different compositions and needs)

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