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How to take care of your custom hand-painted leather goods?

As you probably know, Atelier Grinda offers a full customization service where you can get a painting on a product of your choice. It can be a product from our brand or a designer item that you send to the atelier in order to paint on it.

This is definitely a great way to express you individuality and differentiate yourself through your favorite design accessories, but it is very important to understand a few basic principles in order to make these paintings last for decades.

All creations in Atelier Grinda are exclusively personalized with artisanal processes and techniques. When finished, all paintings are carefully glazed with several layer of special finisher and water resistant coats. Therefore, if you follow these common-sense precautions, you shouldn’t have any problem and your painting will exhibit its beauty for a lifetime.


  • Avoid exposing the painting to the sun for long periods of time or to high temperatures.
  • Avoid any aqueous substance to be in contact with the painting for a long period of time
  • Avoid any cutting or abrasive objects or surfaces near the painting.
  • Avoid carrying too much weight or exceeding the recommended capacity of your product, which could cause damage to the painting
  • Do not use detergents (alcohol, solvents etc) nor greasy products (lipstick for example) or ink (markers) that could cause irreversible damage
  • Do not wash your personalized product in the washing machine or any other mechanical process.


  • Clean the painting with a cotton cloth that does not release lint.

I hope you found this article useful. I will be posting more tips about leather care and how to be cautious with our beloved leather goods.

Enjoy today one pencil brush at a time!

Nicolas Grinda


  • Bonjour, félicitations pour le porte carte customisé magnifique pour la pharmacie. Objet insolite et innovant !
    Merci beaucoup et bonne chance pour le futur.

    Véronique Aslanian
  • Lokking forward for more content from you! I DM you on instagram, check it please. Regards from Argentina!

    Ernesto Gomez

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