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Pochette 19 - Creating a custom Pochette from scratch

The making of a Custom Pochette 19
Creating this pattern from scratch was a tough challenge but I think it was so worth it.
I will share some of the interesting “behind the scenes” work with you!
Here are some of the initial sketches I made in the beginning when creating the pattern.
Sketch Atelier grinda pochette 19 handmade
At first, I thought I would go along for the edges called “the turned edge” technique but then I decided to go for edge painted edges to add a splash of color with that summery orange I used for the final product.
Manually installing the zippers is a challenge in itself as well because you need to be precise and still make sure the zip stops are installed perfectly.
Riri zipper leathercraft atelier grinda
Zip stops installed
riri zipper leather craft atelier grinda
All the details matter!
Hand-made zipper
Riri zipper orange pochette zip atelier grinda monaco
Punching the holes before stitching
Panels pcohette 19 atelier grinda
Hand stitching, step by step
Hand stitching atelier grinda monaco pochette 19
And here is the final result:
Pochette 19 orange custom made atelier grinda monaco
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