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The Pochette 19, a new model is born

Dear all,

If you have been following me on social media (Instagram mainly), you have probably seen that the Pochette 19 has been one of the models that got the most attention during this summer 2020.

So far, there are two derivatives of this soon to be iconic model of the brand: with or without shoulder strap.

Pochette 19 Atelier Grinda Luxury Handmade Bag Made in Monaco

Pochette 19 with shoulder strap made in monaco GRINDA Handmade 

I have had many people ask me this on social media “can the pochette 19 be ordered in other colors?” and the anwser is YES! The thing is that the first pochette was made in orange and the following ones too because customers really had liked this color!

Pochette 19 GRINDA MONACO LUXURY Handmade bag

And of course, you can customize your product with your initials, word, date or whatever you would like!

Pochette 19 GRINDA MONACO LUXURY Handmade bag


The Pochette 19 is fully handmade (in Monaco of course) and the interior is made with soft suede leather to ensure the best comfort! For more pics please visit my Instagram page @ateliergrinda

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